Neiman Marcus launches Re-Introduce Yourself campaign

Luxury retailer Neiman Marcus has introduced its new autumn 2021 campaign Re-Introduce Yourself, aimed to illustrate how the brand and the world has evolved over the last year. The campaign’s leading force is made up of exclusive brands that bring new styles to customers. The retailer hopes to inspire buyers to see the world from a new perspective in an ever-changing world.

“This season calls for all of us to re-introduce who we are and what we’ve learned about ourselves,” said president and chief merchandising officer Lana Todorovich, in a statement. It’s time that Neiman Marcus does the same. We want our customers not only to meet us but to know that we are in this together. As part of our integrated luxury retail strategy, we look forward to meeting customers where they shop and introducing them new brands.

 Rise after the fall: The company hopes that the new campaign will show its growth and transformation, reintroducing itself to customers in an entirely new way.

women's sunglasses and black bag with watch and iPhone 6

“Re-Introduce Yourself is an opportunity for us to convey how we’ve evolved and share our re-imagined fashion perspective and hopefulness for the future that lies ahead while inspiring our customers to stylishly and confidently follow suit,” explains Daz McColl, chief marketing officer. It’s a new chapter in our history, as evident in the way that we have reimagined how storytelling is done across all channels. Our campaign video serves as a dramatic expression to human connection and a catalyst for positive change.