Mayerline and Ameline’s summer collection uses color as therapy

close-up photo of patches

Kandinsky and Goethe agreed that each color has its own meaning. Mayerline and Ameline have used this idea to boost optimism and positivity through an expressive, energetic summer collection. Regatta-blue and camel connect you to the earth’s oceans. Balance is achieved when black and white are combined.

close-up photo of patches

All these stimulating colours are combined in striking duotone or multicolour prints, including and tropical florals, as well as abstract motives and even patterns. Yes, you can feel great and look great. This creates a feminine collection with elegant silhouettes and summery frocks that are perfect for special occasions. Highlights include an intricately-embroidered dress, a suit in mint, and a white linen jacket for a casual, chic look.

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