Australian Airlines Shouted by Emirates’ New Baggage Policy

white Emirates aircraft

We are used to being abused and used by our aviation overlords here in Australia.

white Emirates aircraft

Want to fly to Bali? This is a cramped-seat flight, with no hold luggage (unless you are willing to pay more), and 7kg carry-on. These items will be checked at the gate with extreme prejudice.

Oh and water? Our masochistic relationship is a result of this. Money saved for Bintangs etc. However, given the new climate of airlines coaxing travellers back into the air after a disastrous couple of years for the travel industry, we thought we’d see some olive branches – hell, even some perks – extended to Australian travellers. Emirates will permit travellers to bring more baggage to Africa starting on the 9th August 2021.

We thought we’d add some pressure just in case. Who knows? We might be treated like Krug in the cattle class in 2023 if we whinge enough. Either that or a good old fashioned “ass whooping” as US airlines’ flight attendants are practicing now.