Instagram launches ads testing in its Shop tab

person holding black samsung android smartphone

Instagram’s Shop section may soon feature business ads. In the coming months, the mobile-only feature will be available to all users worldwide.

person holding black samsung android smartphone

The Instagram shopping feature was launched in 2020, with the option for in-app customer checkouts and for fashion brands and other retailers to tag products on their feed. Instagram Shop ads will be similar to the Facebook advertising system. Businesses can manage what potential customers see through Facebook Ads Manager. The typical auction model is used to decide how the ad should be displayed.

Like other advertisement formats, the casual Instagram user will only see ads related to their personal experiences and interests on the app. The company will track the number of people who shop in-app and the amount of ads that individuals see during their journey to ensure that ads are balanced.

person holding smartphone

The new advertising opportunity is currently being tested amongst US-based retailers including DEUX and Fenty Beauty, with the goal to expand to more markets within the upcoming months, reports TechCrunch. It is still not known when the international version will be made available.

Reels, the TikTok-inspired feature embedded into the app last year, also recently had a similar ad feature implemented in its format. Businesses could reach a wider audience with a full-screen visual experience. Ads are placed among the Reels that a viewer is interested.