Woman’s Rude Act Sparks Controversial Plane Etiquette Debate

man in blue dress shirt standing in airplane

Pressure cookers are planes. Literally. The cabin is pressurized when you step in. We can’t forget the smell they emit when they are opened. Try 200 sweaty people.

person holding white paper inside car

Speaking of human nature… one American comedian has recently taken to the airwaves with a gripe that will resonate with anyone who has ever experienced a ‘window shade’ dispute. He says, “Because I feel that if anything goes wrong, I want to be able look out of the window. I would rather die staring out at the ground below than looking in the inner shade of a plane window.”

So his story is:

“So I have a window [shade] open, my seat is kind of splitting windows. The window in front is full before the beginning of the next row, and no one but me would claim it – however, the window behind is almost aligned with mine.”

“Now – I was very careful to look at this – at least 75% of the window was in front of my seat, if my seat was the diving line. 25% is at the front and 75% are in the front. I open the shade, but she shuts it again. Here begins the problem. I look at her, and then I look at the window. I decide that if I open it again, that would be a¬†declaration of war.” It was getting too hot, but it can be opened once we are in the air. I said: ‘Ok, no problem.”

man in blue dress shirt standing in airplane

Recent incidents have shown that there are many unwritten rules people don’t agree on. This includes the passenger who was embarrassed for reclining on a domestic flight last year, and this man who was filmed after he did so.

There also seems to be a discrepancy between what many airline employees think is acceptable for a passenger to wear on a flight, and what many passengers find acceptable to wear on a flight, with many scuffles making headlines in recent times. So we better get that peace offering ready!