In what will now be its fourth collaboration, performance footwear brand Hoka One One has linked up with fashion label Engineered Garments on a new gender-free shoe design. Both brands will create a limited edition Bondi L shoe. This is an original design by Hoka, with a reworked version by Engineered Garments, a streetwear brand that has been inspired by Japan and America.

pair of white-and-orange athletic shoes on white box

The design is inspired by a ‘formal running shoe’ concept, bringing quality materials and unique patterns together creating a casual yet elevated version. The new design is available in four colours. It also has the same qualities as the original.

“For this design, I wanted to merge some of the staple elements of past Engineered Garments’ shoe and boot collaborations into a sneaker,” said Daiki Suzuki, founder and creative director of Engineered Garments, in a statement. “With the comfort and functionality of the Bondi L I found it to have the perfect silhouette and open canvas for this project.”

The Bondi L is a signature of the Hoka One One brand, with an exaggerated sole that makes way for extra cushioning, making the shoe suitable for both running and everyday wear. Both brands have previously collaborated to revive archived Hoka One One footwear. Engineered Garments design values are combined into classic Hoka footwear.

Gretchen Weimer, vice president of product at Hoka, said: “Like Hoka, Engineered Garments is a brand unbound by the constraints of what others have done before it. Their fourth collaboration shows yet again how performance and fashion can be combined to create something new.