Popshowroom, a company that describes itself as the connection between e-commerce practitioners, boutique shop owners, designers, and professional apparel manufactures, is aiming to tailor the future of fashion industry by a tech-driven supply chain. It also wants to be a leader for fashion-on-demand.

people sitting down near table with assorted laptop computers

Pine You, Popshowroom Head of product and Technology, explained in a statement: “We are working towards a digital one-stop supply chain solution to upgrade apparel manufacturing. We use technology to reduce the cost of our customers’ entrepreneurship, and to digitally connect them with an agile supply chain. We are working in big data, with experts in computer vision and natural language processing, to develop advanced tech to realize our vision.”

If that sounds like tech jargon, the company has already won over big clients, including M&S, Boohoo and Next in the UK.