A study by luxury cashmere retailer N.Peal has revealed the best countries for sustainable shopping. The study was designed to examine the evolution of ecoconscious shopping. Its first step was to find out where these shoppers are located.

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The US came out on top with a total of 29,700 online searches every month, followed closely by the UK with 24,500 searches. The UK was the most popular tenth country, followed by Ireland, Germany and Ireland with more than 1,000 monthly searches each and the Netherlands with 830 search.

This trend can be seen in the search results for the most searched topics, with “second hand” coming in third place and “second hand clothes shops near you” rising 5,000% over the past five year.

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The buzzwords ‘sustainable’ and ‘ethical’ still come out on top, however, with sustainable searches focusing on the planet’s resources, and wellbeing and ethical searches centred around social justice and worker rights. These results prove that the global trend towards sustainable purchasing choices isn’t a passing fad. This trend has been adopted by both large fast-fashion chains as well as small independent businesses.