Exclusive collaboration between Havaianas and Bathing Ape

woman in green jacket stands and pose on street

Footwear brand Havaianas is launching an exclusive collection co-designed by streetwear brand A Bathing Ape. This collab shows that streetwear is based on authenticity and comfort.

Bape added: “With Bape’s signature camouflage, the ABC camo, we want to share Japan’s streetwear culture with the world. We are thrilled to collaborate with Havaianas, combining our ABC camo and their iconic flip-flops in a summer collaboration that builds on our vision of “Apes Together Strong”.

The Havaianas x Bathing Ape Tradi Zori is available in white and steel grey, priced 90 pounds / 100 euros / 130 US dollars, while the Top comes in three colours pink, navy and green, and priced 50 pounds / 55 euros / 60 US dollars.

woman in green jacket stands and pose on street