Ugg and CFDA partner to launch Materials Hub platform

brown and white fur boots

The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) has partnered with global lifestyle brand Ugg to launch a new platform aimed to enhance the sustainable supply chain. As an open platform, the hub will be made available on the CFDA website. This is to continue the organisation’s commitment to a more sustainable industry.

brown and white fur boots

The platform is a response to the growing number of brands using raw materials in their products and the wider interest of investment in the technology to make these materials. This critical step in the supply chain is the mission of Material Hub. Through education and development opportunities, it hopes to bring together designers and innovators in order to make sustainable materials and technology more accessible.

“We’re proud to continue to grow our longstanding programming and open-access resources related to sustainability and innovation,” said Steven Kolb, CEO of CFDA, in a brief. Ugg and I have shared common commitments to the environment and people, so it was a natural partnership to bring the Materials Hub to life. Ugg has been a great partner with the CFDA, helping us to introduce this valuable resource. We are grateful for their support.”

Platform components

The platform will have a range of components aimed to help individuals navigate the site and efficiently provide the resources they need. The Innovation Index will provide detailed information about leaders in the technology and production of fiber and fabric. It also provides detailed information about raw materials including their availability on the market and origins.

The platform’s Vendor Directory will provide an extensive list of businesses available for designers to contact regarding anything, from online marketplaces and packaging to trade shows and nonprofits. A Resource Centre will also feature key documents, case studies and tool kits to help with sourcing. There will also be a news site that reports on relevant stories and initiatives.

Ugg Commitments

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“UGG has been striving to achieve significant sustainability goals since 2016. These goals reflect our commitment to people, planet and values. We want to share the hard-earned knowledge, innovations, and solutions with industry colleagues. This is why I am delighted to partner with CFDA on Materials Hub – an amazing resource that supports industry-wide progress”, says UGG CEO.

In 2020, the Californian-based brand launched its Feel Good platform as a way to track the brand’s progress in minimising its impact on the environment, whilst also relaying its core social values. This commitment has been honored by the brand’s footwear brand over the past year.

To celebrate the launch of the platform, CFDA and Ugg will be hosting a series of webinars about material innovation, the steps the brands are taking to commit to sustainability pledges and introductory walkthroughs of the site. These webinars will be available for brands starting in September.