Inherent to purchase the Steve McQueen capsule collection

person wearing blue leather gloves with watch

Luxury menswear brand Inherent has announced it will be partnering with the Steve McQueen estate on a new driver’s capsule collection. Every piece is custom-made to fit the buyer’s lifestyle. Suits and other products can also be made to order. We hope to bring back the style of cultural icons.

person wearing blue leather gloves with watch

Inherent founder, Taylor Drape said in a statement: “When I think of Steve McQueen, I think of the ‘King of Cool.’ Always stylish, with a bit of an edge to him. Steve is a movie star, race car driver, and many other things. It’s an amazing feeling to design a capsule for a licensed driver with his name and legacy. This collection is a joy to share with the world and all driving enthusiasts.”

The McQueen estate is represented by Ben Group Inc. and Greenlight, a group organisation establishing partnerships between brands and influencers. We are always on the lookout for new ways to connect consumers today with iconic icons. This collaboration will allow Steve McQueen to enter the new world of tailored clothing. Inherent’s vision and authenticity make them the ideal partner for Steve McQueen’s timeless and iconic style.

group of people standing near formula 1 car

Inherent’s announcement follows its recent partnership with IndyCar driver Conor Daly, who became the brand ambassador for its Dressed for Life campaign supporting men’s mental health. Inherent is a brand that considers itself to be a movement next the tailor. It partners with national organizations for men’s health with the aim of dressing men to express inner confidence.

Fans of the brand and actor will be able to see sneak peeks of the collection in the coming months, including a special presentation at the Steve McQueen Car and Motorcycle show.