Job applications: Retailers require office workers to have vaccinated

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Covid passports, proof of vaccinations and positive tests are becoming criteria for attending events and traveling. Some of America’s largest retailers have made them mandatory.

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For a small but growing sector of companies, vaccinations for its employees are obligatory, iterating a controversial “jabs for jobs” requirement. A spokesperson stated that the current protocols in place at our distribution centers and stores are effective. We felt that this was an important step to take, as our offices are now open for business after being closed for 18 months.

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At Saks Fifth Avenue in New York, a planned re-opening of its corporate offices in September is making vaccinations mandatory for returning employees. Saks employs approximately 500 people at Brookfield Place, Manhattan’s financial district. Marc Metrick is the chief executive officer of Saks. He stated that New York City is built around density and it is not great when there are no people. Mr. Metrick lives on the Upper West Side. “The work force will bring back day trippers, and day trippers and the work force will bring back tourists. It’s all about making people feel comfortable about visiting New York City.”

The company will reopen its campus in January 2022 and require all employees returning to work to get fully vaccinated. Retail and distribution workers will not be required to have this vaccine, but they will be required to wear masks to work.

woman in black jacket holding white paper

“The health, safety and well-being of our teammates as well as their families are our top priority,” Tchernavia Rocker, Under Armour’s chief people and administrative officer, said in a statement. “We want to create a safe environment for our teammates and believe that being vaccinated will help us keep our team safe and healthy.”

Walmart is also mandating vaccines for its office workers. In a memo sent to employees, Donna Morris, Walmart’s chief people officers, stated that “We continue to monitor with deep concern the developments in the pandemic, and the spread of variants. Particularly the delta variant. We know that vaccinations are the best way to bring about change. We urge you to get vaccinated. We want to see more people vaccinated.”

In the U.K. office workers are not obliged to be vaccinated and companies are able to set their own Covid-19 regulations. The U.K. government has hinted previously that shoppers may need to have vaccination passports in order to be able enter certain shops later this year.