Malone Souliers and Netflix partner on shoe collection

pair of yellow leather ankle-strap sandals

Bridgerton fans will soon be able to wear shoes just like Lady Whistledown herself. Malone Souliers, a footwear designer, will launch a 15-piece capsule collection in partnership with Netflix and Shondaland. It is inspired by the looks of period dramas.

black wooden framed photo of man and woman

The collaboration merges the cordwainer craft of Malone Souliers with the Regency era styling of Bridgerton. The collection will feature footwear and accessories that are reminiscent of the show’s historical setting. Designs will feature Malone Soulier’s signature styles and lots of jacquards, as well as dramatic feathering and sparkly embellishments.

“I’m a huge fan of Bridgerton,” said Alice Malone, creative director and founder of Malone Souliers, in a statement. “It reminisces on the past with a sense revolution and joy, which is how I approach shoemaking. From a design standpoint, this partnership has been fascinating. It allowed us to embrace Regency fashion’s pomp and unabashed splendour. It felt like a natural partnership. The creative possibilities that our past can provide is what inspires me, but I also believe in the importance of being bold and innovative in my work. Bridgerton is a great example of both of these impulses and has a lot fun doing it. I can’t wait for the next chapter of this partnership”, the designer adds.

The media house has previously collaborated with brands like Dove and The Little Market in socially driven projects. These campaigns support nonprofit organizations while also bringing their media series to life.

pair of yellow leather ankle-strap sandals

Sandie Baily, Shondaland’s chief design and digital media officer, said: “From the very beginning, we at Shondaland approached Bridgerton through a modern and innovative lens, and our approach to the series’ Regency fashion reflects this perspective. We are excited for this collection because of Malone Souliers’ bold approach to shoemaking.”

Styles will be available for both men and women, offering options for a wide range of fans, with the official launch coming early next year.