Adidas, a sportswear giant, has introduced a new collection of footwear that uses natural colours.

The No-Dye Collection uses materials in their natural colour form as a way to cut the use of water in the dying process of the shoes. These natural colours are used to reduce the need for a post-treatment step in dye techniques that use more energy and water.

man in black jacket holding yellow smoke

Three models will make up the collection, each inspired by styles from the Adidas archive and primarily made for golfers. The shoes will retain the Adidas customer’s high-performance quality while causing less environmental impact.

Adicross ZX Primeblue, inspired by the Adidas Originals ZX series, also contains yarn with a minimum of 50 percent ocean plastic. Additional recycled materials will be used in the ZG21 Motion model. A BOA model will allow for greater flexibility and security.

“We’re continually evaluating ways to reduce our environmental impact when it comes to our products,” said Masun Denison, global director of footwear and Adidas Golf, in a statement. “With this collection we are giving golfers another reason to feel good about their shoes, beyond style and performance.”

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The collection falls under the company’s commitment to look for more sustainable ways to create and design its products. Adidas previously announced its commitment to eliminating plastic waste in a plan that it published early last year. The statement stated that Adidas aims to eliminate all plastic waste by 2024 and to use 100% recycled materials.

The No-Dye collection is available to both men and women and sold worldwide through the Adidas website and at select retailers.