Lifestyle and apparel brand Aerie has unveiled the new campaign for its ongoing #AerieReal initiative. The campaign’s goal is to celebrate positive power and empower real voices.

Actress Antonia Gentry stars alongside singer Kelsea Ballerini, TikTok creators the NaeNaeTwins and wheelchair dance team the Rollettes. This new cast will join Aly Raisman, a gold medalist, in continuing the creation of #AerieReal.

woman riding wheelchair near trees

The actual collection aims to make people feel good about who they are, with autumn innerwear entirely dedicated to comfort. The collection features retro fleeces, 70’s silhouettes, and plaid pieces. These items are made to transition between seasons. The brand will be expanding its range of underwear, including its Mom undies collection and cotton bralettes.

“The #AerieRealVoices campaign is a worldwide testimony to our brand as we echo the stories and journeys of these inspiring and remarkable individuals. We are a strong brand platform, strong community, and amazing products that have helped us to be the leader in this industry,” says the brand founder.

The new campaign continues on from Aerie’s past campaigns. The brand began using unretouched campaign photographs in 2014. This was done to show the power of real people. In 2019, the #AerieREAL platform was launched. The brand launched the platform in 2014 and has used it for numerous socially conscious campaigns. It also uses the platform to commemorate the stories of their role models through a variety of ambassadors.

grayscale photo of man and woman holding their hands

Aerie will continue this format for the new season with a number of events across social, digital and in-store platforms to power the campaign. Customers can submit their videos to the #AerieRealLife section of the website until October 6, where they can share their stories and be considered for inclusion in the next #AerieReal campaign.