What trend is making it big in FW21? Christine Boland, Trend Analyst, gives a retrospective look.

In ‘Alchemy of the Times to Come’ forecast for AW2021, one of the four trends I foresaw, based on the current social developments and international catwalk shows, was Poetic Heritage. It shows how we can bring new life to well-known and traditional styles. British ‘iconoclassics” are instantly recognisable, but they’re also unique thanks to innovative materials and surprising ‘poetics’ in their form, shape, or colours. It’s better to say that tradition is twisted, cool goes classic, and pretty goes punk.

Hacked checks

woman in black and white long sleeve shirt carrying girl in red jacket

‘Hacked checks’ – where traditional and iconic check patterns are re-beautified, re-composed, cut-up, mixed-up, twisted, draped and gathered into new looks – play a major role within this forecasted trend. Men’s shirt checks can be found in feminine collars and ruffles, while Scottish tartan can be draped and deconstructed to make new versions.

It’s exactly this design language that’s greatly been picked-up by highstreet brands, making it one of the biggest winners from the forecast. What’s the reason? Why? We want to treasure what is familiar and the return of a traditional (such as checks), is a sign of our desire to do so. Check patterns have a twist that symbolizes the need to rethink the familiar. We have had time to reflect, rethink what is valuable and give it a new spin by taking a pause in the flow of time. This is the essence of AW2021.