Ibiza Beach Scene Makes Australians Crazy With Envy

While you might not have noticed it while walking from Bondi, Bronte to last weekend, Australia is currently experiencing a pandemic.

With swathes of the country locked down, with Delta case numbers continuing to grow (despite said lockdowns); with international borders decidedly closed, we’re not going anywhere anytime soon. We are not only gaffer taped but also have no end date.

And – much as most of us know we should be counting our lucky stars (a glance around the world shows, for most of us, things could be a lot worse) – when you’re scrolling through Instagram and something like the following image slaps you in the face, it’s hard not to grind your molars.

He continues to send me messages. It’s great!
It was always my opinion that it was a party island. But I was surprised at its natural beauty. There are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

“I drank two Mojitos right where I took this photo, slept under a tree on the right around midday. This is all acceptable behavior in Europe while on vacation without children! Many beach-goers are nude, so you can go all nude if that’s what you want!” “We miss Australia. We hope that one day your borders are open again. It is possible to travel, but it can be difficult and there are hurdles to clear, testing costs, etc. The world is a mess.