“Influencers in the Wild”: Bali Tourists’ Monkey Photoshoot goes wrong

monkey looking at mirror

Some influencers have done bizarre things in Bali. A lot of bizarre acts have been making headlines recently, including viral fame and the risk of being deported.

Two ‘influencers in the wild’ wander near a monkey, then get scared. They are not the first tourist to have a mild heart attack.

monkey looking at mirror

Bananas Monkey, a company, sent around a monkey and a baboon with PR boxes to launch its campaign to influencers.

Using primates like this is not only abusive, but also ends up encouraging private ownership of primates. I was photographing a monkey about two metres from me at that time.

Suddenly, another big monkey jumped on my backpack and bit my neck from behind. It happened so fast, that I was completely shocked and just pushed him away immediately. He jumped to a nearby ledge and showed his teeth in an aggressive manner. I asked another tourist near me what my neck looked like, and he said there was blood.

Anyone who has ever been to Uluwatu will be able to attest to the sneaky tactics employed by monkeys, often stealing tourists’ bags and towels in the knowledge that the local shopkeepers will often give them food in order to get them back… According to May’s report, Bali hosted many bad influencers during the pandemic. It’s done. This refers to the number of pranks and lax attitude many foreigners have to Covid restrictions.

temple beside body of water and trees

Balinese politician and designer Niluh Djelantik told The Guardian: “To the foreigners who have followers, let’s hold hands together with Balinese. Show empathy. While you may not post controversial posts, it is possible to show empathy and care for those who live nearby.”