John Cleese Angers America With A Brutal Review of a US Hotel Chain

low-angle photo of Hotel lighted signage on top of brown building during nighttime

John Cleese is a British comedian who has upset Americans for most of his adult life. Even now, at 81 years of age, his irreverent quips show no sign of slowing down. Cleese wrote “……a rude, unhelpful and thick-set receptionist (and one very nice one), and cheap, rubber pillows. In the morning, it was the longest walk and ride I’ve ever taken to get to the other terminal.”

low-angle photo of Hotel lighted signage on top of brown building during nighttime

“A fine example of the US hotel chain motto: ‘Minimal Service at Inflated Prices.'” Massive reconstruction – which they keep silent about on their website. Hopelessly bad signage throughout, and no food ….”

That’s how commenters react to this post:

“Imagine using your celebrity status to damage an already damaged industry. Perhaps a quiet email would have been more appropriate?”

“However, ‘thick-set” doesn’t come across well and I don’t see how it applies to your case. That’s what I hope you will see.”

“Her size mattered how?”

Although some defended him (“it paints a picture, does it not,” one wrote), many, many others criticised Cleese’s choice to make reference to the receptionist’s size.

pillows on bed

One user asked Cleese whether he had expected to see The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, or herds of wilderbeast “grazing majestically.” “There are many first-class hotels along the Airport Strip. Unfortunately, the Grill was closed at the time you stayed. However, you could have chosen another restaurant or ordered room service.”

Another empathised with Cleese, writing: “I’ve stayed in a couple Forte Posthouses, especially the one in Kensington. The lifts were a nightmare for claustrophobes. However, the rooms were spacious and had plenty of legroom. You could also hang your legs out of the windows.”

What do you think about such statements about the US hotels?