Land Rover and Pacsun team up for a pre-autumn campaign

white nissan suv on brown field during daytime

Multibrand retailer Pacsun has released a new pre-autumn campaign and accompanying collection in partnership with car manufacturer Land Rover. There are many options for gender-neutral clothing, including oversized t-shirts and sweatshirts, sweatpants, shorts, and sweatpants. The Land Rover design is reflected in the colour scheme of the collection.

The goal of the collection was to tap into Gen Z’s desire for freedom and travel, mixing in with their growing interest in luxury goods. The collection is based on the Land Rover heritage and features silhouettes that are inspired by it. It also reflects Pacsun design principles.

white nissan suv on brown field during daytime

In celebration of the launch, the two brands came together for a live shopping event at Pacsun’s DTLA flagship store, hosted by guest influencers. Fans could tune in via livestream to see the car of the hour on display.

“Pacsun and Land Rover’s shared passion to provide unprecedented and distinctive products and experiences time and time again enabled us to truly bring adventure to life in our pre-fall campaign,” said the president of Pacsun, Brie Olson, in a release. “Land Rover is the ideal vehicle for consumers’ off-road and on-road adventures. We are allowing our customers to go back into the world, create their own memories, and we are partnering with Pacsun.”

The collaboration was brought about by Pacsun’s goal of appealing to the experience hungry, Gen Z consumer with a particular interest in shopping for luxury brands. According to the brand, leisure travel is a priority for its consumers. The brand believes that the collection was released to coincide with the current generation’s search for this lifestyle.