Passenger’s sneaky act at 40,000ft leaves Seat Mate stunned

silhouette of man holding luggage inside airport

Complexity is a part of our daily lives. Some risky acts, such as joining the Mile High Club, are celebrated. Some are more outrageous than others, and leave you wondering what is wrong with certain people.

But then there are yet other acts, which straddle the line between hilarious and inappropriate. These acts are discussed in, a chat between two comedians who enjoy discussing life’s most outrageous f*ckups and tease us with hilarious head-scratchers.

silhouette of man holding luggage inside airport

Co-host Francis Ellis’ shares the latest plane story:

Today’s incident occurred on a flight from Indianapolis to Indianapolis.

“This is nuts” Francis begins the story. It is not clear how Francis knew that it was his. But we digress.

“He was lighting it and shaping it and making it really nice.” It was funny to me that this man, who had spent 20 minutes fixing a dick picture to remember to thank God for returning him to the earth safely, found it very funny.”

“If he believes that God is involved in the safe delivery of the plane… then he certainly has this fear that we’re going to crash, which means it should be on his mind that whatever he is doing as we’re descending could be the last thing he does.”