The ‘Wake up’ test is a simple way to determine if you’re truly healthy, nutrition coach says

woman sitting on white bed while stretching

Although we can have more blood tests than there are windmills here in Sweden, they do not provide an accurate picture of our biological health. There is a simpler way to determine if you are healthy.

According to fitness and nutrition coach Ryan Carter, there are three words we need to live by, and they’re not ‘live, laugh, love’. Ryan says that if we can check each box, we will be able to have a positive picture of our health. Ryan immediately took to Instagram to share his message. He admitted that this was “not an absolute.”

woman sitting on white bed while stretching

It is an important time in the day, especially in the morning. The morning is the most important time of day for humans.

Speaking of his ‘happy, horny, hungry’ message, he surmises that their value will be different to each individual. “We must consider their value and what they represent to us.”

“For a male waking up… ‘pitching a tent’ is essential.” He explains that this doesn’t necessarily mean we should have sex right away or that we shouldn’t. It’s just a sign we are in good health.

“Maybe you noticed when you are stressed or have a night of poor sleep, which gets affected? You don’t have to feel ‘starving’, but you should feel the desire to eat. This is a sign that your brain, liver and gut are working together. When we’re stressed and running on oxidative/sympathetic pathways, this hunger signal gets inhibited – it’s also connected to melatonin and cortisol.”

woman meditating on wooden dock during daytime

“Being happy is also vital. Not the fake happiness people tell you to have. The sense of happiness feeling you have from being alive, and seize the day.” Your happiness can be greatly improved by getting into a state of meditation and focusing on your inner thoughts. Asking questions of yourself may be a new practice, but commit to and stick with it and you should start feeling far happier in yourself.”