In its effort to continue supporting LGBT initiatives, H&M has partnered with the Marsha P. Johnson Institute. H&M is looking to offer shopping events for LGBTQ+ students aged 14-24.

Recently they held a “Fresh and Fabulous for Fall” shopping spree at H&M flagship location on Fifth Avenue in New York City. The event was attended by Marsha P. Johnson, Elle Moxley’s executive director and founder, and Michaela Jae Rodriguez, an Emmy-nominated singer and actress.

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Approximately 20 students received hair, makeup, styling, and a photo shoot in addition to the shopping spree. Participants were also treated to a trailer screening for Moxley’s first feature film BLACK Beauty. After that, Rodriguez hosted a fireside chat about Moxley’s experiences as an activist and organizer within the Black and transgender communities.

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In addition to the New York City event, MPJI and H&M USA are working with local LGBTQ+ organizations in the Los Angeles, Houston and Columbus, Ohio metropolitan areas to provide shopping sprees and identity-affirming resources for local LGBTQ+ students ages 14-24. H&M USA donated funds to MPJI as part of this partnership to help support the MPJI mission to protect and defend the human rights Black transgender persons.

“Feeling fresh and fabulous enables anyone to feel their full strength and power,” Moxley said in a statement. These events allow participants to feel confident, and give them a fresh look, style, and perspective that will help them start their school year off right. H&M is a great partner and will continue to help those who need it most.

Coming off her historic Lead Actress Emmy nomination and the release of her first single “Something to Say” Rodriguez once again teamed up with H&M to show her support. H&M is always a great partner for me, regardless of whether I’m supporting the right to vote or joining other LGBTQ+ communities to participate in a global Pride campaign. It was an exciting moment to support an organization and initiative I love, MPJI,” she stated in a statement.

“H&M supports the LGBTQ+ community today, and every day. “We’re proud that we host this gender identity affirming conference that will help students feel confident and powerful, included, and whole,” Donna Dozier Gordon (head of inclusion and diversity at H&M) said in a statement.