Trend forecasting agency WGSN and innovative colour system Coloro have unveiled the five colours of the Spring-Summer 2023 season, including the colour of the year. Although it might seem far away, we anticipate these colors to appear in the collections in 2022 and then become the dominant hues in the industry by 2023.

The key takeaway from this forecast? Positivity is on the rise and optimism is back. This season celebrates saturated colors that can be used in both digital and physical environments. It also highlights hope, stability, and a sense of balance, despite all the challenges ahead. Upbeat colors emphasize a sense of well-being and recovery. They also highlight the need for sustainability, natural healing, and a circular economy. The underlying theme seems to be the need to evolve in a world that has positive effects on our mental and physical well-being.

The five colours chosen also depict a new relationship with nature, as well as a tribute to a world that is slowly waking up after difficult times. Continue reading to learn more about the five colors of SS23.

Digital lavender

green plant in tilt shift lens

Chosen colour of the year 2023, Digital Lavender follows 2022’s Orchid Flower. Purple is a powerful colour that represents positivity, healing, and wellness. Its short wavelength is what gives it stability – reports indicate that it can evoke calmness and serenity. This genderless colour is being called “Digital World” because it will be in the spring-summer 2023 and autumn-winter 2023 collections. Expect lots of lavender variations.

Sundial The brown hues make it feel more grounded and are influenced by organic sources that feel real. The cottagecore and goblincore trends have been rising over the past year. Sundial is an excellent example of this growing interest in nature and the countryside. This warm colour is already being reflected in the Resort and SS22 collections, which showcase DIY-inspired silhouettes.

Luscious red

Luscious red is the brightest hue of the five presented by the agencies. It’s vibrant and saturated and also appears a little translucent. This color is a symbol of passion, desire, and empowerment. Red is a classic color for all seasons. This particular red is elegant and fun. It embodies good vibes, good times and a lot of boldness.

Tranquil blue

Testament to a calmer and more harmonious future, Tranquil Blue seamlessly follows 2022’s Atlantic Blue shade, which was deeper and much more saturated. A lighter version is better. It demonstrates the need for healthier living that balances digital and physical obligations. The goal is to find a new level of calm despite all the changes and events that are occurring simultaneously. Tranquil Blue is about a return to clarity and lightness in our lives and in our wardrobes.


Reminiscing of 80s sportswear and outdoor gear, Verdigris is an energising shade that blends green and blue tones and appears as a less saturated alternative to teal. Its nostalgic appeal is revitalizing and emphasizes a return to nature using green as a starting point. Verdigris appeals to both digital media and physical spaces.