You think your extravagant outfit is enough to get a date? You might be wrong.

According to the women of Reddit, old school outfits are the way to go. It’s time to put away Burberry and Gucci and give your Dior to charity. Instead, you should be focusing on simpler options like and.

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Men can already have a tough time figuring out the secret formula for looking devilishly handsome, and even for the fortunate few who are naturally hot, backing up those looks with the conversational charm of Leonardo di Caprio can be a minefield. Next, there’s the male body. The influence of Instagram has been huge in determining what men should and shouldn’t look like. Even though there is evidence that suggests women are more likely to be in the gym, it’s difficult for regular gym-goers to give up their search for the perfect torso.

So, maybe how you dress, something that can be easily adjusted, is the best course of action for those looking for love. What you should wear on a first date and what not to, but what about every day? How do you attract potential mates’ attention?

The solution could be simpler than you’d think. One of the most popular comments is “I miss the Levi’s with a white t-shirt on it.”

woman in white crew neck t-shirt and blue denim shorts

The comment alone has received nearly five and a half thousand upvotes and several comments, including “Levi 501 button flies. You can get me every time. Many of the outfit’s resonance comes from the 1980s, as we imagine.

It’s not just off-duty casual cool that women on Reddit suggested they missed, but also the clear signs of a hard-working man: “I’m into the ‘tired office man going back home on a train’ style, white shirt, rolled up sleeves, loose tie, suit pants…” Another user says that she doesn’t know why.

“I call that look the “20th century provider,” adds another. It could be the little details that make you attractive to these voracious forum surfers. ” It’s your rolled up sleeves. Every woman has a soft spot in her heart for them.

And when we say small details, we really do mean small details: It’s difficult for most people to get a well-tailored shirt.

“And it needs to be unwrinkled. Many men throw their clean clothes in one pile. You don’t have to fold clothes if you don’t like folding them. Get a few hangers and hang them. Unwrinkled shirts will make you look 10% more elegant.”

“Yesss! For an even more impressive effect, add a nice watch.”

It wasn’t just women sharing what gets them hot and bothered. There were plenty of men involved. One man wrote about the life-altering effects that swimwear had on him.

“I have 2 kids, a dog and a mortgage due to a white bikini. There are no regrets.”

woman in white bikini lying on sand during daytime

Another said: “I feel like I must have seen a pretty lady in a bikini as a young lad and it just permanently hardwired my brain to find them outrageously sexy to the detriment of all other purpose-made sexy outfits.” The Internet? We’ll be there to thank you.