Joe Jonas shares a ‘Stamina-Boosting’ Workout Every Man Needs to Try

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It’s important to look your best when you’re out in public. It’s also important to stay fit so that you can display your likeness on bedroom walls and have the energy to perform throughout an entire show.

Joe Jonas is a man who understands this all too well. American singer-songwriter Joe Jonas was first recognized as part of The Jonas Brothers. He also made several appearances on The Disney Channel.

Joe has also recently shared a snippet into how he maintains his fitness when he’s not performing to thousands of fans, or spending quality time with wife and Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner. His method? Skipping.

person holding gray wire

We’ve previously discussed how skipping can be an often-overlooked form of cardio, with former jump rope conditioning consultant to the US Olympic team, Buddy Lee, being one to champion its benefits. Joe seems to have taken that advice seriously, sharing a clip of him jumping rope as preparation for his “show day”.

Along with his bandmate siblings, Joe recently started touring in the US, and with a multitude of dates lined up ahead of him, he’s going to need some serious endurance. Skipping can be a great way to increase endurance. Spending just 10 minutes jumping rope can provide the same benefits as running an entire mile in eight minutes. (And we know which one we prefer).

Best of all, skipping is an exercise that anyone can do, no matter your fitness level. Skipping is a sport that can be improved upon. The more you practice the rope, the faster it will spin. You can also incorporate different movements into your routine. A skipping rope is a great piece of equipment that you can use anywhere.