Who’s Next will feature 9 fashion brands from Eastern Europe

person holding assorted clothes in wooden hanger

After being in limbo for over a year, it is finally time for fashion fairs to start again. The Paris fairs will be held again this fall. At Who’s Next, in Paris (3-6 Sept), nine ladies’ fashion labels will be from Belarus and Moldova.

The brands are all participants in the CBI and ITC’s Ready to Trade project. The project prepared 34 fashion companies in Moldova and Belarus for the EU. They have developed their collections, been updated about market trends and requirements, and paid attention to sustainability. After a year and half of waiting, they are ready to display their collections at Who’s Next!

person holding assorted clothes in wooden hanger

Moldova and Belarus may still be quite an unknown territory for most EU companies, but these countries boast a long history where the production of clothing is concerned. Many well-known EU brands have produced in Moldova and Belarus for years. This has allowed them to have a deep understanding of EU trends and quality. These brands have a healthy mixture of creativity and Italian elegance. The brands are made with top-quality EU materials and their design and quality cannot be compared to other top-quality brands.

One huge advantage of these brands is that the collections are both designed and produced in-house. This arrangement has allowed for great flexibility and high levels of service. All products are made in-house, which ensures a transparent and responsible production process. Respect is shown for all involved in the supply chain. It is a short distance between Moldova, Belarus, and the EU, and there are cultures that are very similar to the EU’s way of doing business. This provides a solid foundation for building strong working relationships with great future prospects. We look forward to seeing you at Who’s Next Paris.

These brands will be represented in the two pavilions: CBI sector experts will represent the brands at the fair.

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