Watch: Fans Show Their Dismay at the One Place They’d Never Buy a Rolex

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Shopping for luxury watches online is easier than ever. Not only do watch brands spend a huge amount of time, energy, and coin making their experiences as lavish as their brick-and-mortar options, but you’re also spoiled for choice when it comes to third-party marketplaces, many of which offer luxurious customer service. Many of Australia’s largest cities remain locked down, with many boutiques closed. There is no other option than to go online.

But just because your options are limited doesn’t mean you should ignore your better instincts. You could buy a luxury watch from Amazon. Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce platform, and its most valuable brand. They sell everything, from groceries to prefabricated homes and increasingly luxury watches that cost thousands of dollars.

Amazon has long been a great place to buy cheap and cheerful timepieces from brands like and but these days, timepieces from brands like even Rolex can be found on the platform’s US shopfront – often for rather competitive prices, too. It is legal. It has been yours for many years. Now you want to sell it. You ship it to Rolex and Amazon FBA will deliver it to Amazon customers.

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“If an unscrupulous dealer decides to ship a fake Rolex to FBA, your Rolex and the one provided by the other dealer can be co-mingled. Amazon can ship the fake Rolex to a person who buys a Rolex from you.”

“If the client realizes [that it’s] fake they can get their money back, but [it] will likely crush you as a fake seller. Amazon does not check to make sure your product is unique from other sellers. You could lose your entire investment. Does that sound fair?

“If you are a buyer… you really won’t know what you got until you get it appraised by a real Rolex dealer. It begs the question: Why buy Rolex online from Amazon? Why not visit a reputable Rolex dealer?”

We’ve previously criticised foray into the luxury watch market for not doing enough to assure customers that they’re not going to get a fake watch, but Amazon is even worse than eBay in this regard. It’s still better than nothing. Amazon also offers this service.

blue and silver round analog watch

“If your watch needs repair during their warranty period, there’s a 99% risk that you’re not going to get the right parts. You also claim that you can get a full refund. If they allow it, maybe the first 30 days.”

“It’s your money, waste it any way you want to.” The answer was clear: no. Hard to argue with that. Amazon is a great place to purchase many items, but it’s not the best platform to buy a Rolex luxury watch. It’s too risky.

You’re far better off going to a reputable dealer that specialises in luxury watches specifically, or simply negotiating with an authorised dealer (AD) to get a better deal on your watch, or build a relationship with them in order to get the watch of your dreams.