Livetrend: ways data-driven trend analysis can make your brand more responsible

Trends have become synonymous with pollution and overstock, despite their rapid evolution. Fashion is inextricably tied to modern life’s dynamics. Brands must produce less, but better, in order to be able to respond to market changes. Learn how AI can help you create a new era where design, production, and customers all seek the same value: sustainability. Livetrend is a data-driven trend solution that recognizes market needs and increases sell-through while also responding to urgent sustainability obligations.

The co-dependence between brands, consumers, trends and sustainability Brands are not meeting the diverse consumer needs, leading to overproduction and deadstock, which eventually leads to landfills. This discrepancy in product demand and trend-forecasts highlights the importance of brand decision-making and trend-forecasts. We can assess each phase of a product’s success, and the timing of them, and then reduce waste. Conventional trends predictions rely heavily on intuition and consider a slow-moving cycle of seasons. These methods are too static and generalized to be able to control the market and ensure sustainability. These damaging industry models can be changed only by brands adopting more innovative approaches and connecting technology and trends to guide their actions.

There are ways that data-driven trend analysis makes your brand more responsible. For instance, analysing competitor’s live-data will help you to master your price strategy and avoid over-priced offers.  You can also increase the product’s lifespan by choosing trends that suit your consumers and take into account their long-term goals.

Determine your sustainable strategy, empowered by a tangible and immediate vision of your competitive market. This digital trend solution is unique because it combines industry knowledge and the most recent technologies. Livetrend is a platform that collects thousands upon thousands of images daily from Instagram, e-commerce and fashion shows. Livetrend provides interactive and reliable data as well as personalized trend analysis to empower all team members involved in collection development.

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With our unique sustainability benchmarking, information can be used to execute more responsible and profitable business decisions. You can create a comparison of your sustainability performance with your market to identify improvement paths and growth drivers that will help you better position your sustainable offering.

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