Michael B. Jordan teaches you how to rock high-waisted chinos without revealing your zipper

man in black shirt and gray pants jumping

Diamonds are made under pressure, according to some experts. What does this have to do Michael B. Jordan?

Well, we reckon the 34-year-old actor and current “sexiest man alive” (according to People magazine) must be under immense pressure to make sure he’s worthy of that lofty title. He was already a diamond before being dubbed the sexiest male alive. But he has certainly become more sexy since.

woman holding Fortune magazine

Part of the Black Panther star’s sex appeal comes from his dress sense. While he’s an expert on all things fashion, he also has a keen eye for the latest trends. He is also very pragmatic and knows how to make them work. When it comes to fashion, he has a gentlemanly touch.

His latest outfit is emblematic of his impeccable sartorial taste. Jordan was out on the town in Los Angeles last week with Lori Harvey, his girlfriend (daughter from game host Steve Harvey), and looked effortlessly summery in a patterned rayon top over a white tank, gold chain, chunky, and, the pièce de résistance, some extremely crisp, high-waisted chinos.

It’s an unconventional look: military officer meets beach bum? It works, we must say. His shirt and pants are summery and light in tone, which contrasts nicely with his boots.

man in black shirt and gray pants jumping

It also shows that you can rock some traditional, high-waisted chinos without looking like your grandfather or a sex offender. Jordan wore a short-sleeve knit shirt last week that was a refreshing take on summer fashion.

It all goes to show that the most important element of men’s fashion is confidence. These looks have gone from being a 9 to 10 because Jordan has confidence. You’d be the most sexy man alive if you were confident.