Revealed: How Much It Costs to Spend a Week on a Super Yacht in The Mediterranean

couple sitting on white boat during daytime

Ever wondered how much it would cost to live on a luxury yacht? You might have noticed your Instagram feed flooded with photos of wealthy individuals living on top of shiny white surfaces, as the epicenter of super yachting.

If seeing people flouncing around Monaco, St Tropez, and the like has got you wondering how much it would really cost to cast off from civilisation (and spend a summer living on a luxury yacht of your own), you’re in luck. There are many options for how to do this, from becoming a billionaire or buying your own yacht, to selling CVs at docks and becoming a deckhand, but the following thoughts will give you an idea.

couple sitting on white boat during daytime

Luxury yachts are moared in the marina for the Monaco Yacht Show on September 21, 2021 in Monaco, Monaco. The Monaco Yacht Show presents 500 exhibitors showcasing high-end world luxury yachting products and services. The show will be held from September 21-24.

“For the costs of living on a superyacht, I can say that it really depends on the yacht, location you cruise and your lifestyle,” Candas Brandon, yacth rental menager told us. Charter clients pay 30% of the weekly charter rate as Advance Provisioning Advance (APA). It could be lower or higher depending on the charter but it is generally an average expense for the guests.

This includes yacht’s fuel expenses, marina berth fees (if any) food and beverages. Let’s assume that a weekly rate of 100.000 Euro is paid for a 35-meter yacht charter in the Mediterranean. Your weekly cost will be approximately 30.000 Euros [AUD $48,628].

Got it? You are good. Now all you need to do is make the money.