An Australian Olympian Provides Rare Perspectives on Darwin’s Quarantine Outpost

persons hand on glass window

Over the past 16 months, Australians were inundated by images of hotels quarantine from cities such as Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne.

Travellers have shared reels, photos and boomerangs of their two week’s imprisonment, showcasing what it’s like in the (in many cases) windowless high rise buildings they have had to wait out their fortnight in. It was great fun.

Jack McLoughlin responded: “Can confirm. It was great fun.”

persons hand on glass window

Some Instagram users called the photos “iconic” while another said: “Gettin the hang of this photography shenanigans …! I’m in melbourne. There is no fresh air.”

Reflecting on the Tokyo Olympics in a recent radio interview with Samantha Armytage, Horton, who plans to swim at Paris 2024, shared a few more insights about Darwin. The nurses arrive early in the morning to check temperature and it can be quite early for starts. He said that this is not unusual but not too difficult.

Horton said: “Food’s been good and [there has] been a lot of it” and that the room is “a bit bleak” but “it’s fine – school camp-y.”