Prada requires proof of vaccination to access Italian facilities

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Prada does not intend to compromise the safety and health of its employees. Prada has stated that they will require proof of COVID-19 vaccine or recovery from the virus in order to gain access to their Italian facilities. WWD reported the news. The Green Pass, a European certification that citizens have been vaccinated against COVID-19, will be required by Prada for all employees starting September 6. The company will test employees who don’t have immunization.

gold love letter letter on white surface

“In this phase of the pandemic, the Prada Group deems the vaccination campaign as decisive to overcome the health emergency and create safe workspaces and conditions,” Prada Group said in a statement. “The Green Pass can be considered a safety measure for all employees and as protection.”

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Currently, the Italian government is debating what to do about the Green Pass requirements and if it will be mandatory for public and private businesses. Since April 2020, when Prada reopened their facilities, they have been COVID-19-aware. The workers were double-screened and there were nurses to administer COVID-19 testing. Employees also had to be subjected temperature checks. Two face masks were given per day. Prada also has a vaccination centre on its premises.