Chanel purchases jasmine fields in order to guarantee No. 5 production

N5 Chanel eau de parfum spray bottle

Chanel has bought land in southern France to ensure their No. 5 perfume will not be endangered. Chanel, to ensure that their famed No. 5 perfume is not endangered, bought land in southern France in order to protect its jasmine supply. Reuters reported the news.

Chanel’s purchased 10 hectares of land, adding to the 20 hectares is already uses near Grasse. Chanel and the Mul family made a deal to secure five flowers in the Pegomas area. They were concerned about jasmine production moving to other parts of the world.

Jasmine grown in Grasse has a specific scent. The region has been a major fragrance center since the 17th century. COVID-19 didn’t have a major impact on Chanel’s jasmine harvest. This was due to the fact that workers could work outside. The brand considers fragrances to be a key part of its business. Beauty is considered the main driver of company growth.

N5 Chanel eau de parfum spray bottle