David Beckham’s Most Controversial Footwear Selection May Be His Latest

man playing soccer during daytime

David Beckham is a pretty elegant man, but this latest fashion move has us scratching out.

The 46-year-old football legend is arguably one of the best-dressed men on the planet – although you could argue that much of his impeccable style is thanks to the influence of his wife Victoria, an accomplished fashion designer who’s no doubt helped him hone his sartorial chops. Beckham was asked to be the star of yet another campaign shoot by. He wore a simple shirt with a long sleeves, pleated trousers, and a pair white vented loafers.

This comes just days after he was dicking around at an Inter Miami game, (although to be fair, that was quite impressive). White loafers, which are a symbol of Australia’s spring racing carnival general admission areas, and nightclubs, have some very sexist nicknames. These are the type of thing you’d find at the grocery store.

Beckham’s currently on a high, with Inter Miami (the American football team he co-owns), having just picked up back-to-back wins against Chicago and Toronto FCs in this 2021 MLS season. Inter Miami was founded just three years ago. They have had a rough start so it’s great to see them gain momentum.

man playing soccer during daytime