Salt Bae demonstrates a forgotten training technique that everyone should try

woman using jumping rope

It’s not old news. On that frayed note… there’s a ‘new’ fitness trend sweeping the celebrity landscape. American pop star, demonstrated skipping rope before embarking on an international tour. Now the Internet’s favorite butcher and owner if one of the most impressive we’ve ever seen, is joining the fray. It’s a great workout that we urge you to try.

Who needs cryotherapy or Gianluca Vacchi’s? According to studies, skipping can help you burn as much as 1,300 calories an hour. If you are looking for an easy way to lose body fat, skipping might be the best option.

woman using jumping rope

Skipping can also be seen as a ‘safer’ alternative to running, since your body’s weight is absorbed by both legs on each jump, putting less pressure on your knees compared to running in the process. You can expect to quickly build your muscles by switching to a weighted jumping rope. You’ll eventually be able to jump higher, with greater explosive power, thanks to this. It quite literally could be the only workout you ever need to do.