Spirit Airlines Flight: Woman in a commotion – “Doing the Unthinkable”

woman with blonde hair looking at the light

We are reminded every time we board a plane of the following rules: Don’t get up until the seatbelt sign is turned off; put your tray table down for takeoff and landing; and no smoking anywhere, even e-cigarettes, onboard.

That last one continues to take many by surprise. This rule was established over 30 years ago. How could anyone think that they would be allowed to smoke while traveling to far-flung destinations? As they say, signs and announcements are for a reason. A recent TikTok video demonstrates this.

What, precisely, does it show? A female passenger lightens up her cigarettes on the plane when it touches down. The mind boggles, the maximum penalty for her is US$4,000.

Alex Majdawali, told the woman was sitting directly in front of her, adding, “She literally took out a cigarette and just started smoking”, and claiming the woman was “turning around to blow it [in my face].”

woman with blonde hair looking at the light