Lewis Hamilton Surprises Formula One Fans with a ‘Geezer” Outfit

yellow and black f 1 car toy

Sir Lewis Hamilton, the greatest driver of all time (sorry Schumacher fans, the stats don’t lie) and one of the most dynamic celebrity presences in the world, is known for being just as dominant when it comes to style as he is on the track. Hamilton, who was dry in Spa before Friday’s Belgian Grand Prix, wore a chic yet sophisticated outfit. He wore a blue, white, and black tracksuit that he had zipped up to his neck, paired with a Balenciaga festival bag. To complete the transformation, he would only need a cap.

Then, ahead of the race on Sunday, Sir Lewis showed off yet another ‘Luton bus stop special’ tracksuit fit, this time one with a neon jacket and black, heavy metal-inspired black bottoms. It seems that a mirror selfie is the best thing.

It’s interesting to see how luxury fashion houses like Balenciaga, Gucci, Burberry and others have embraced streetwear in recent years after years of shunning the scene. Although it is common these days, the idea of a Balenciaga Tracksuit was once a pipe dream.

yellow and black f 1 car toy