This Snobbish Trait instantly exposes you as a First Class ‘Fraud’.

Nobody likes a snob. But the ergonomically-designed cushion is on the other a** now, with frequent first class flyer Immanuel Debeer taking to Instagram to say if you’re a regular first class flyer, you probably aren’t judging people for their clothes.

Immanuel, who is the founder of Flighthacks, reckons that for those who grace the pointy end of the plane regularly, it would be ridiculous to judge someone else’s jeans (or, as the case may be, “Italian made chinos”). Debeer recently said, “Ha! It’s a good thing that we don’t have people like your up front.

Prior to this another commenter had written, “But, but, but, jeans?” Immanuel replied: “Not that it matters, but those are chinos. Italian made.”

See the ‘offending’ trousers … James Asquith, founder of Holiday Swap and frequent first-class flyer, said that there is no need to “flex” (especially since 80%+ of it on social media is likely fake) and also explained (on another occasion), that the staff are not the shiny objects.

Many first-class flyers, over the last few years, have rejected the stiff culture that used to permeate the cabin. Stop looking at Mr Porter’s rare Wooly Mammoth hair chinos and learn how to play the system.