A LINE – A new type of luxury that is focused on craftsmanship, longevity and quality

purple and orange jacket

A LINE is a Portuguese sustainable brand that was founded in 2016. It creates and produces products with longevity in mind. A LINE is 100% focused on clothing, but also the women who wear it. It reflects the current direction that women are taking in terms of elegance, maturity and self-confidence.

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A brand that believes and works daily to slow fashion down, respecting the time that each garment requires and paying attention to every detail, never forgetting the most sustainable and conscious choices. With a team made up of highly skilled local artisans and creative designers, the entire process is created in-house.

A LINE’s creative process starts with searching for the right raw materials, fabric suppliers and partners that must share the same values and ethical practices. They choose durable and long-lasting materials from the beginning. Every collection is mindful of the environment and reflects that.

As a manufacturer, A LINE is also actively involved in innovative developing processes of new fabrics and production practices, focusing on minimizing waste and recycling, considering the garment lifecycle and extending it to the maximum. A LINE is also concerned about fabric stock. They only buy the necessary amount for their collections and production. Deadstock is always included in the next ones.

Set in the centennial savoir-faire that is part of the Portuguese textile industry, A LINE develops every collection based on timelessness, durability and quality. Every garment is purpose-designed to create a sustainable and conscious wardrobe.

purple and orange jacket

With a minimalistic aesthetic, A LINE applies all its know-how reinventing the feminine wardrobe essentials, betting on neutral and earthy tones, specifically designed and produced to transcend trends and seasons. From the initial sketch to the final model fit and comfort are closely linked with aesthetics and details. This creates easy-to-wear garments which can be worn from day to night.

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