Bulgari’s “Ultra-Modern” Watch Makes Us Wish We Could Travel The World

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Watch history and international travel have always been interconnected.

The development of the marine chronometer revolutionised oceanic navigation. They were created to aid pilots in keeping track of time while flying across the globe. Ocean adventurers were the first to use this system, eager to discover the deepest depths of the earth. You can now even check in on your smartwatch!

A luxurious complication that also owes its origins to travel is the world timer. Although the world timer was a simpler precursor to the GMT watch and clocks, they were first made infrequently since the 18th century. However, it was only in the 1930s that they truly took off as international travel became more common. World timer watches have been the exclusive domain of some of the most distinguished watchmakers in the world, such as or. They are high-end horlogerie.

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But they can be rather stuffy and old-fashioned in their design and execution (and that’s to say nothing of their normally eye-watering price tags…) Which is why new Octo Roma WorldTimer is such a refreshing watch. It’s ultra-modern, masculine and practical, with incredible value. We wish we could take it on an international trip.

Close-up detail of the two Bulgari Octo Roma WorldTimers. Bulgari, like many luxury fashion houses, has invested heavily in developing their in-house watchmaking. Bulgari is a leader in this area.

Available in two sporty configurations the Bulgari Octo Roma WorldTimer combines the class and technical wizardry of a classic world timer and imbues it with a sense of youthfulness that few other world timers boast. The watch’s modernist design combines a modernist twist on the world-timer format with clear, unilinear numerals and indexes. Its 41mm diameter, 100m water resistance, and 42-hour power reserve add to the watch’s practicality.

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The Octo Roma WorldTimer’s BVL257 mechanical self-winding integrated movement comprises 261 components, and was developed and produced by Bulgari’s manufacture in Le Sentier, Switzerland. Both models are available at a price of AU$12,000. This is a very competitive price. A stainless steel item will retail for AU$57,000 – good luck with getting on the wait list…

Discover the Bulgari Octo Roma WorldTimer as well as the rest of the award-winning Octo collection at Bulgari’s online boutique.