First Class Flyer Slams Nauseating Culture At The Pointy End

man seating near window

First-class flights are about making your biceps pop. But that’s not true.

One frequent first class flyer recently took to Instagram to critique this particular attitude, which he often sees “on Dubai flights particularly.” This is how fake balenciaga-wearing flexers flying into Dubai do their flexing? My opinion is that flexing has gotten out of control.”

white airplane on mid air

“As anyone that has known me for a while knows – I laugh at myself more than anyone else could laugh at me, and as a very unmaterialistic guy, my one muse is nice flights as I spend so much of my life on planes – but I’m that peasant in first class. Dubai flights are terrible for it. People taking pictures of business class while sitting in premium economy think that’s a flex.”

“Nothing wrong with where you’re sat – but the faking it is so unhealthy for people. You can be honest about where you are at this point in your life, and you can work hard to get there.”

“This ‘fake it till you make it’ culture is nauseating and so unhealthy for a young generation.” Here I am, however, being total bellend as ever, wearing approximately $100 worth of clothes (which, in my opinion, is very high for my wardrobe).

Many commenters on the post appeared to agree with him. One commented, “Truth bro.”

Another quipped: “Buddy, you suppose to make a beautiful flat lay of your things on the table!”

man seating near window

In January 2020, a man made a viral video pretending to have broken his ankle to get an upgrade. This is not the first person to do this. 90% of those in the city are pretending to be rich.

The influencer, Oceane El Himer, allegedly hit back (at comments like these), writing: “no shame in traveling in eco class.” I took a photo and agreed to it. I accept the fact that I traveled in eco class. I am not the kind of girl who loves to show off her wealth… So?

“Much more serious things are happening in life.”