Jonah Hill completes his ‘Surf Life Transition’ with a radical new outfit

man and woman standing on beach during daytime

Jonah Hill is still one of Hollywood’s most fashionable and inspiring talents. The 37-year-old comedian and actor might have built his career off the back of playing nerds and schlubs, but these days he’s a different man. He’s become one of the most fashionable male celebrities in the world, working with major brands such as and on campaigns, collaborations, and exclusive collections.

His latest look? Hill is a Californian beach bum and he wore his favorite shirt, a neon-patterned, short-sleeve, cotton-cotton number. He also wore Vans and washed out jeans. This has been one of the most popular style trends for the past eighteen months. It has attracted everyone, from athletes to musicians.

Jonah has been practicing the sport for a while. Hill was gracious in his response to being criticized by a surf media outlet.

man and woman standing on beach during daytime