Polo Ralph Lauren celebrates the US Open’s return with a sustainable uniform

man playing tennis

Polo Ralph Lauren’s US Open Campaign and Collection has been released in accordance with the New York-based US Open Tennis Championships.

Like previous years, the design house has produced a range of uniforms for on-court officials and ball people. The brand’s sustainability commitment is reflected in the brand’s designs. They use eco-friendly materials and performance-enhancing special features.

The items are made from yarn made from recycled plastic bottles and tennis ball cans previously collected by the fashion house at the 2020 US Open. The label worked with Wilson to transform the plastic collected into yarn that was high-quality for the new uniform. This was Ralph Lauren’s attempt to improve its circular production model. The company stated that it would continue the process in partnership with Wilson this year for future materials.

For the spectators, Polo Ralph Lauren has also released a line of off-the-court styles available to purchase online, in its stores or at the US Open itself. The graphic collection has a bold colour palette and bold colour blocking, and designs that are playful and fresh.

people standing in front of brown concrete building during daytime

It is the first time the tennis competition has been at full capacity since 2019, and the fashion label aimed to celebrate its return with an accompanying campaign. The concept was shot at Arthur Ashe Stadium and features both the players and spectators. It aims to show New York’s typical attitude and style. The models showcase Polo Ralph Lauren’s spring and summer 2021 collections for men and women.

The brand has been the official outfitter of the US Open Tennis Championships since 2005, with the label providing on-court officials and ball people with uniforms since the beginning of the partnership. Ralph Lauren has also partnered up with a variety of prestigious sporting organizations, including the US Olympic and Paralympic Team as well as Wimbledon, Australia Open, and the PGA Championship.

man playing tennis

In addition to the campaign and collection, Polo Ralph Lauren has implemented a number of immersive events for shoppers. The Madison Avenue and Prince Street stores offer live tennis matches, as well as the opportunity to purchase personalized items in-store printing. Customization is possible on polo shirts, water bottles and totes, as well as other items.