Sustainability @ HNST: wear eco-friendly sustainable jeans

women's blue denim bottoms

HNST (read Honest) believes that feeling good is just as important as doing the right thing. So, we produce jeans with a clean conscience that have absolutely nothing to hide. This is why we harvest old jeans and recycle them into new fabric. We developed the most honest denim on the market, containing 56% recycled denim, 23% Greek cotton and We avoid metal trims and opt for embroidered rivets.

women's blue denim bottoms

All buttons are made from embroidered rivets unscrewable and reusable, making them replaceable when necessary and easily removed at the end-of-life. We print all information, so we can avoid the use of polyester labels. on the inside of the pockets. Our fabric is 100% natural and contains zero synthetics fibers. We can cancel any order and ensure that it is recyclable microplastics shedding from our jeans. This ensures fair and ethical production working conditions, while minimizing the environmental impact of transport and maximizing quality.

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