Sydney’s Most Wealthy Residents Decide to ‘Screw it,’ So Why Wear Clothes?

green trees on white sand beach during daytime

The price of big echoing houses is comparable to all other Sydney suburbs, except Vaucluse’s billionaire row. Sydney’s Palm Beach has all the ~vibes~ to be the set of the next ‘Big Little Lies.’ This wonderful incentive is in the spirit and freedom of our community. Please support it!

white and brown wooden 2-storey house

74 people have signed at the time of writing. One wrote, “We can’t get dog beaches.”

“The prudes will stuff it up like they did with reef beach,” wrote another. You can place it where the prudes will never see it, but they’d still like it to be stopped.

Other Facebook users were more hopeful. Flaunt your gear if you have it! One commented.

“If there’s no steps or long track…sure,” commented another. The first is the “give them an inch, they’ll take it a mile” principle. This is especially true after the dog beach trial which has opened up the possibility of more ambitious ideas.

The other is the fact that if the dog beach trial succeeds, dogs will have more liberties (in a sense) than humans. As Liv Hambrett (European correspondent) puts it, this is because we are taught to be embarrassed by public nudity and to view it through a sexualized lens.

“Nude bodies are naughty, sexy when within certain aesthetic parameters, and seeing them is abnormal and alarming.” Only time and the outcome of the petition will tell.

green trees on white sand beach during daytime

Another thing to consider is this: even though well off suburbs like Palm Beach and Bondi are often used as convenient punching bags in the media that’s no reason to write off every trend that springs out of them. We have seen how quickly councils work so you don’t necessarily need to start shedding your board shorts or bikinis just yet.