3DLOOK offers free access to its body scanning technology for fashion schools

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Exclusive Participating educational institutions will be able to access the company’s Mobile Tailor software, which allows them to design and tailor perfect fitting garments using 3D body models.

A self-service solution that helps designers capture accurate body data remotely, Mobile Tailor requires no technical expertise to use and generates 85 measurements from just two photos taken on any smartphone on any background in under 30 seconds. Participating schools will have the ability to share and receive measurements data via a personal workspace. They can also export unique 3D avatars of their bodies that are compatible with most 3D fashion design software.

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“We initially launched Mobile Tailor to support made-to-measure fashion businesses and their customers during the pandemic,” explains Vadim Rogovskiy, Co-founder and CEO of 3DLOOK. “The solution not only helped many of our clients stay in business but also allowed them to scale despite being shut down by their retailers,” Vadim Rogovskiy, Co-founder and CEO of 3DLOOK, says. The technology is typically priced at 999 USD per month, but educational institutions around the world can fill out a simple form to get free access to 3DLOOK’s Mobile Tailor.

3DLOOK’s Mobile Tailor technology The company’s mobile body scanning technology, which is patent-pending, provides shoppers with personalized fit and size recommendations as well as virtual try-ons. This helps brands to reduce returns and increase conversion. These solutions allow for personalized shopping experiences that are innovative and provide actionable insights that help brands optimize product design, product development and distribution.

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“Last year has shown how easily disrupted the whole fashion industry is,” says Rogovskiy. The industry had to adapt quickly to the new digital-first reality. It was not prepared for it. We want to ensure that the next generation of fashion designers doesn’t have to face the same problems. Mobile Tailor allows fashion students around the world to remotely receive measurements from models, export 3D body models, and create garments using 3D design software.

One of the schools that has been an early adopter is Estonia’s Tallinn University of Technology. Piret Mellik from the university, a lecturer in CAD/CAM Pattern Design and CAD/CAM, said that Mobile Tailor allowed students to use their avatars instead of being restricted by the software’s capabilities. This made fitting in 3D environments more precise, realistic, and fun. Students learned how different software could be combined to produce better results when 3D fitting was done. Mobile Tailor was easy to use, and avatars were easily imported into the software.