International Fur Federation launches global traceability and certification system

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The International Fur Federation, which represents and regulates the global fur sector, has unveiled Furmark, a comprehensive global certification and traceability system that guarantees animal welfare and environmental standards. Every step of the process can be traced back to the customer via a customer-accessible traceability part, which ensures transparency throughout the supply chain.

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The Furmark label only incorporates wild or farm-raised natural fur sold through the auction system from the leading animal welfare programmes, including WelFur, the first animal welfare programme to be promoted through the European Commission’s Self-Regulation and Co-Regulation Initiative. It ensures animal welfare and environmental standards, and demonstrates our common ambition to provide a transparent and easy-to-understand certification. This certification allows people to confidently purchase sustainable natural fur.

The Furmark system has taken four years to develop, explains the International Fur Federation. Fur industry leaders worked together with scientists, sustainability leaders, welfare experts, and other experts to develop a set of standards. These standards are based on science, independent inspection, transparency, and modernisation of natural fur.

Each animal welfare and sustainability programme has a detailed, independently-developed, and science-based protocol or standard.

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The respective programmes are then subject to third-party assessment and certified by a recognised certification body. Visits and assessments will be used to enforce the program’s strict, active compliance. Non-compliance with standards will result in the exclusion of the certification program and the Furmark system. The International Fur Federation added this to their list.