Paris is the perfect place to start your fashion studies

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Do you dream of going to Paris to study fashion? Set up in 2008, EIDM Paris (Ecole Internationale de Mode & Luxe) offers undergraduate and graduate programs built up to analyze and master the image and brand. EIDM has the professional distinction to reflect high-level standards and is able to promise fashion education. EIDM focuses not only on fashion but also on international branding and image. EIDM ranks 79th among the top 177 business schools worldwide and is the first French fashion school to be included in the CEOWORLD rankings. This is a confirmation of our international recognition. We continue to expand through new Erasmus inter-institutional arrangements. EIDM helps students from all walks of the globe to pursue a career in Paris fashion studies through its unique network of partners and state-recognized programs. EIDM offers two fully English-language programs. The 3rd year in the Bachelor in Fashion Business. Secondly, the second year of MSc Fashion & Luxury Management.

gray landmark building

Bachelor in Fashion Business The program consists of a semester of study followed by a semester of internship or project-oriented work. The English 3-year program has a 60 ECTS equivalent or 26 US credits. The course is designed to equip international and local students with the skills and knowledge required to be successful in a global setting. Analyze the values that form the DNA of fashion companies. The second goal is to encourage communication skills and implement effective marketing strategies.

MBA Fashion Business & Luxury Management

The English-taught 5-year course program is a two-semester course. The course consists of a semester of study followed by a one year internship or project-oriented work. It is worth 60 ECTS (26 US credits). Our MSc/MBA Fashion & Luxury Management program prepares students for real expertise and responsibility in the fashion industry. This course teaches you the fundamental skills of management and entrepreneurship in various fashion and luxury industries. The course uses a dynamic approach to prepare actors for high-level roles.

International students can join these programs for 1 or 2 semesters, for Fall or Spring semester.