It is not uncommon for fashion trends to suddenly appear on Instagram. This was true for the Nap Dress as well as the checkered print trend. It was surprising to me that Instagram was flooded with snowsuit photos. Within a week, celebrities from Sophie Turner (in North Face), Winnie Harlow(in Moncler), and Kylie Jenners (in Prada), all wore their winter best in snowy locations.

macro photo boy in pink full-zip jacket and black beanie

The trend has been picked up by many brands. The Paris-based label Casablanca has released a ski-inspired collection as part of its winter collection (see the top photo). Fashion to Figure, a plus-size fashion brand, also launched an apres-ski collection in collaboration CURVYCon founder Chastity Valentine. The brand’s new ski collection was launched by Kappa, the beloved sports brand of the aughts, and Kim Jones, Dior’s first ever ski capsule.

Adult snowsuits have been around for a while. In the 1980s and 1990s, Princess Diana wore colorful ski suits. As a child, my parents forced me to wear one. It was also strongly recommended for me as a teenager in early aughts. As an anxious teen girl, who wanted to blend in and not stand out, I chose an all-black model over the one suggested by my mother. I regret this decision. Most of the snowsuits that catch my attention are bold and colorful. The style is still worn year after year by snow sports/aesthetic fans, and both luxury brands and outdoor brands continue offering functional collections to their customers.

man in black jacket wearing black helmet and orange backpack

The snowsuit isn’t just for the slopes and snow towns. It’s easy to see that even people who have never used a ski or snowboard are adopting the trend. There are many fashionable versions of the classic, as well as others on Instagram. The Cut recently featured After Ski, which sources vintage ski suits and makes them available for sale as part of community events. You can also find snowsuits at fashion shops, large and small.

The snowsuit is becoming more common even in urban areas that don’t have easy access to the mountains. People are spending more time outdoors due to the pandemic. They’re either skiing or walking long distances in urban areas. Even a dinner at a New York restaurant is difficult because indoor dining is prohibited and the temperatures are cold. A snowsuit is a practical way to stay warm in winter, and anyone who has tried it can confirm that.

Snowsuits are extremely comfortable and warm, making them a fashion statement. For Chanel’s AW19 2019 show, Kristen Stewart wore a monogrammed Chanel onesie and Zazie Beetz wore an overall at Sundance last season. Non-outerwear clothing is often limited to indoors, so snowsuits are a great way for people who live in colder climates to stand out outdoors. Even the most extravagant winter coats are unable to do this – or at least with the same comfort as a ski suit, which is basically a padded onesie.

woman in green jacket and black pants on snow covered ground

This is a tie-in to what’s expected to be the biggest trend in 2021: Outdoor glam. Style-forward outdoor clothing is the hottest trend right now, following cottagecore’s cardigan- and nightgown-like designs in fall and summer. One of the most talked about (and celebrity-endorsed!) collections this season was the North Face x Gucci collaboration. Models took a glamorous camping trip through Switzerland for the campaign. The collab line’s puffers and hiking boots are as coveted as Gucci’s ready to wear offerings. They are practical and suitable for outdoor living, featuring logo-adorned backpacks and tents. The upcoming TELFAR-X-UGG collaboration sees both the UGG’s iconic shopping bags in cold-weather-ready shearling and the former’s favorite winter boots getting the ultimate brand approval.

Snowsuits have become a fashion trend on Instagram due to their genderlessness and endless styling options.

Let me tell you: I’m pulling out my snowsuit, which has been packed and vacuumed for 15 years. We’ll see you out there…

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